The main goal of the Deliverable “D4.3 Operational and Technical Documentation of SP (ATHEX, Hellenic Post) integration (production)” is to provide a precise description of the actions performed by Hellenic Post (ELTA) and Athens Stock Exchange Services Group (ATHEX Group) during the process of integration of their e-Services with the Greek elDAS Node. This integration has been developed in the objective to allow EU cross-border users to access ATHEX and ELTA services via an elDAS Network-based authentication request (with mandatory and optional attributes that have been defined in Activity 2). Obviously, this phase follows an activity of customization and adaptation of ATHEX and ELTA e-Services to the needs of the integration with the eIDAS Network (Activity 4 and 5, Tasks 4.1 and 5.1, respectively). As stated in the Grant Agreement, the integration of ATHEX and ELTA services with the eIDAS Network will use a SP-tailored interconnection service, which is now called “LEPS eIDAS API Connectors”. It is a specific software suite developed in previous Tasks (Tasks 4.2 and 5.2 – reported in Deliverable D4.2/D5.2), therefore, this deliverable includes only a short description of the LEPS eIDAS API Connectors. LEPS API Connectors simplify and optimize the decision of a Service Provider to join the eIDAS infrastructure. Furthermore, this deliverable includes: a) the technical, operational and legal requirements of the services that are connected to eIDAS Network via LEPS eIDAS API Connectors and, b) a detailed overview of the technical infrastructure, based on LEPS eIDAS APIs Connectors, that allows for service integration with the eIDAS infrastructure. Yet, the deliverable provides a complete description of the activities performed for the integration of ATHEX and ELTA services with the Greek elDAS Node and presents a number of test cases that prove the success of the integration (a more extended testing procedure will take place in the last months of the project).

As a conclusion, we report that ATHEX and ELTA services which are part of LEPS project, have been successfully and at a reasonable effort integrated with the eIDAS Network. They do now interoperate with the Greek eIDAS Node via LEPS eIDAS API Connectors and, therefore, can provide the same functionality to local and cross-border users (with cross-border users being able to automatically access them via their national eID credentials). After the detailed tests conducted in the context of the last project operation (Activity 7: “Testing of cross-border authentication and access to electronic Services”), and the necessary final adjustments and service business logic modifications, these services will be functional parts of the pan-european eIDAS infrastructure. Finally, it is worth to notice that ATHEX and ELTA may further benefited from the interconnection infrastructure they have deployed in the context of LEPS project (relying on LEPS eIDAS API Connectors), to easily integrate with the eIDAS Network other services they may want to

WP4. Customization of Greek FInancial Services and Integration with eIDAS Infrastructure
Integration to Greek PEPS/eIDAS-Node Connector