The main goal of this deliverable D3.2 “Operational and Technical Documentation of Correos services customization” is providing a complete description of the process performed for the customization of the services provided by Correos (My Identity, My Mailbox and My Notifications) during the integration process in the context of LEPS project.
With this aim a summary of the services to integrate is provided. Taking into account the entry points the eIDAS Adapter can offer to the Correos’ services for connecting to the eIDAS infrastructure, an analysis of the detected aspects and points to be modified on the service side is developed. Then the interfaces between the services and the eIDAS adapter are stablished and agreed.
As a result of this analysis the service Correos ID (based on Correos IdP: MyIdentity) is identified to be customized for connecting to the eIDAS adapter. It implies to adapt the log-in page in order allowing to the users the authentication with eIDAS. The interfaces the eIDAS adapter is offering to MyIdentity service are described, and also the call-back entry point offered by MyIdentity service to the eIDAS adapter is provided.

WP3. Customization of Spanish Postal Services and Integration with eIDAS Infrastructure
Customization of Spanish Correos Services Portal